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World Vision UK is a registered charity. No: 285908


Exclusive Landscapes is proud to support the work of international children’s charity World Vision UK. For every photograph that is sold on our website we will donate 15% of the profits to World Vision’s life saving work in 100 countries around the world.

World Vision is the world’s largest international children’s charity and works in communities to help ensure children are protected, cared for and enjoy good health and education. And when there’s an emergency, like an earthquake, flood or drought, World Vision provides food, shelter, medicines and other emergency aid, and creates safe spaces for children to play and start to recover from what they’ve been through.

One country where World Vision works is Tanzania, where the average life expectancy is just 57 years and more than one million children have lost one or both of their parents to HIV or Aids.

More than a third of people in Tanzania live below the poverty line and many families depend on subsistence farming and animal husbandry to provide for their households. Inadequate rainfall over the past few years has resulted in long periods of drought and food shortages.

Boy at water pump 1 - World Vision

8 year old Maganga fetching water from the borehole World Vision installed in his community in northern Tanzania. Maganga became sick and thought he would die after drinking dirty water from his family’s only source of water. He recovered from his sickness after taking antibiotics but his family was stuck using the same source of water for three more years. In 2010 World Vision installed a borehole for Maganga’s community 1.5 km away from his home. Maganga said the new source of water has been important to his family and his schoolwork. The previous water source was an eight-hour roundtrip Maganga’s parents made daily. Now, with the water source so close Maganga is also able to get water for his family while excelling in school. “I like studying. I want to be educated,” Maganga says. “I want to thank them. We get safe water for drinking and we’re safe from diseases—and we are not worried that we are going to die.”

World Vision helps train families in modern farming methods, to help them produce an increased number and a wider variety of crops, which grow in different conditions and which they can sell at market as well as eat at home.

With this support Mama Godi, a 41-year-old mother of five from a rural community in southern Tanzania, has grown tomatoes, maize, beans and sunflowers for oil.

“I used to plant in the traditional way, which was done unsystematically, but now after getting educated I changed my approach. The farm was large, but I harvested little in previous years. I harvested four to six bags of maize on one acre but following the lessons on good agricultural practices, I now harvest three times as much on the same farm,”

Two of Mama Godi’s children, Beatrice and Niweli, are part of World Vision’s child sponsorship programme and study at a school World Vision helped the local community to build.

World Vision child sponsorship in their community, and others like it, also helps protect children against water borne diseases by providing safe, clean drinking water. Children’s nutrition has improved because families have been taught how to make balanced meals from local ingredients and children are focusing better in school because they are getting a meal at lunchtime.

You can find out more information about World Vision at and learn more about child sponsorship here:


Credit: Jon Warren / World Vision

Children in Makindube Area Development Programme, Tanzania, where a project called Securing Africa's Future has been highly successful. Securing Africa's Future is based on three pillars: transitioning subsistence farmers to develop into smallholder commercial farmers, protecting natural resources, and creating safety nets for vulnerable families to help them withstand the unexpected.

Credit: Jon Warren / World Vision

Happy children in Makindube Area Development Programme, Tanzania, where a project called Securing Africa's Future has been highly successful. Securing Africa’s Future has an essential underpinning: empowerment. Through empowerment, Securing Africa’s Future helps people rethink their circumstances - helping them understand that they can achieve what before seemed impossible.

World Vision - How can you help?

There are many ways you can help World Vision to achieve amazing things:

  1.  Sponsor a Child
  2.  Make a Donation or a Gift - Giving makes you feel AMAZING because what you give makes an AMAZING difference which makes you an AMAZING person!
  3. If you decide to purchase any of our beautiful fine art prints or undertake one of our fabulous hands-on photographic training courses, we pledge to give 15% of our profits to World Vision and that is a Promise we make to you, and to World Vision.
  4. Even if you decide not to purchase one of our beautiful photographic products, you can still donate to World Vision by clicking the following link:

Thank you for taking the time to read this really important page on our website. You have the capability to change lives - please give what you can - your reward is their happiness - and that's what makes the difference!

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