Wouldn't it be great to really improve those holiday snaps or just become a better photographer? There is an easy way!
  • Have you ever wondered what all those extra buttons do on the back of your digital camera?
  • Are you a point and shoot person when on holiday
  • Would you like to take your photography further and transform those “happy snappy” shots into quality compositions with not too much extra effort?
  • Have you ever wondered why a photograph you really want to capture, just turns out all blurry?
Consider the following camera controls and settings:





At first glance, these typical camera controls look really daunting and really complicated don't they? However you will never use all these control settings simultaneously, and that's good news because now we can break each mode of operation into simple bite-sized chunks, Yay!

Interested? Read on!

At Exclusive Landscapes Fine Art Photography we run on-demand, one-on-one, hands-on, practical outdoor photography courses for absolute beginners. We start from first principles and build from these foundations throughout the day to give you all the practical skills needed to make a massive difference to the shots you take; all your friends will marvel at your new found skill; and who knows you may want to take it further.

 Unlocking some of the extra features of your camera accompanied with some simple rules of composition will bring you accomplishments beyond what you ever thought possible. And this is possible in just one day, guaranteed!


Waiting for a Refit!

My wife and inspiration!

Position is Everything!

A typical one day shoot with us includes:
  • Transport to location
  • Equipment briefing
  • Scouting a location
  • Basic rules of composition
  • Shutter and aperture settings
  • The need for a tripod
  • Setting up, composing and taking that first shot
  • How to use basic charts and simple rules of thumb to determine shutter speed for a different lens type.
  • Practice using different lens types for differing scenarios
  • How to cope when there is just not enough light
  • Relationship between shutter, aperture and rate of sensor light absorbency (ISO)
  • More practice in the field
  • Etc…

Somewhere in the above schedule, we will find a nice place for a spot of lunch!

Courses can be tailored to some extent if you have a particular photographic genre such as: low light, sunrise, sunset, forest and lake or moor and heath. Please let us know what you are interested in and we’ll do our very best to accommodate your requirements.

We generally work in groups of between one and four but no more than four. Prices vary according to your needs but a standard day course is approximately £80.00 plus lunch.

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