There are times in our lives when we visit a place and for some unknown reason everything seems just wonderful. You cannot put your finger on why but you just feel fabulous and at one with yourself in your surroundings. If you could bottle this feeling, you would make a small fortune!

There is another way!

Although bottling is not possible, a photographic capture can bottle the scene in print form for you to hang on your wall at home. This means that when you are alone relaxing on your couch you can transport yourself to your favourite sentimental retreat whenever you want to set your mind adrift.

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You can also leave your time capture as a family heirloom, so future generations can enjoy your special place, they may even want to visit and feel the magic for themselves, knowing that you were once there in person. So now you have your own personal time machine!

At Exclusive landscapes Fine Art Photography we offer a special photographic commissions service.

So, how does this great service work?

Basically we need the following information:

  • Map reference, you can mark this on a google maps webpage, scan it and email it to us, or simply save it and send us the link. We also need a brief memory sketch of any special features and the direction from where the shot will be taken from.
  • What the weather conditions were like when you visited. You wouldn’t want a photograph of a rainy day when you visited in glorious sunshine.
  • What time of year you went including the month if possible. You wouldn’t want leafless trees if you went there at the height of summer.
  • What time of day was it? Early morning, mid-day, twilight, night-time?
  • If at night, was the moon out?
  • Does your special place involve a river, lake, stream, waterfall? This is important because if there has been no rainfall the water may not be present at all.
  • Was it windy, calm, no wind?
  • Was it foggy/misty?
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As you can see, there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration when undertaking commission work and we try and include as many of these factors as possible to recreate your memory of that special place.

When we visit the location for scouting purposes we will set up and take a few test shots for you to give us feedback. This way you can tell us if we have missed out any important features.

Once the final shot has been approved by you, the size of the print you require will be printed on metallic paper. We can provide a framing service too, or if you prefer, you can use your own personal frame, that’s a choice we leave to you. We would usually suggest a plain black frame as this can be placed easily on any colour of wall you are going to hang your fine art photograph on, again we leave the choice up to you.

Finally, we can assure you that your artwork will be absolutely unique to you! Nobody else can have a copy of your print. It will have a print run of 1 of 1 and will be accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity with your name as the owner of the print. Only you will be permitted to order re-print should you need one. You will need to give us the certified print reference number which only occurs on your certificate of authenticity.

So go on, award yourself the pleasure of owning a unique photographic commission by Exclusive Landscapes Fine Art Photography.

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