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  • Have you ever wondered what all those buttons do on the back of your camera?
  • Are you tired of taking bland snaps?
  • Do you point and shoot and hope for the best?
  • Would you like to have more control over what you are shooting?
  • Are your subjects coming out blurry?
  • Would you like to improve the composition of your photographs using a few basic rules?

We run on-demand beginners outdoor photography courses. Interested? Press the button below for more details:


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Photographic Commissions


River Blyth Sunset 300x201 - Commissions



  • Have you ever been to a place which made a lasting impression in your mind?
  • Perhaps you know a place which holds tremendous sentimental value?
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a beautiful fine art photograph of that special place?
  • And wouldn’t be amazing to put your new fine art photograph on a bland wall to bring it to life?

If these questions, thoughts and ideas appeal to you, why not click the button below and check out our superb photographic commissions service:


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Really Useful Links

Here you will find lots of really useful resources, many of which are completely free!

If they are not free, it has been mentioned because it has proved invaluable to us and we feel this information needs to be passed on to our fellow photographers, both professional and absolute beginners.

So dig in and enjoy.

Kindest regards

Mark and Kay Lupton (Exclusive Landscapes Photography)

World Vision UK Landscapes is proud to support the work of international children’s charity World Vision UK. For every photograph we sell on our website we will donate 15% of the profits to World Vision’s life saving work in 100 countries around the world.
Hands-on outdoor photography courses for beginners Small Groups or Individuals, these one day courses are absolute Dynamite for people wanting to improve there hands-on Photographic skill-set. Courses are tailored to individual needs and take place in the Derbyshire Peak District. Real hands-on stuff in moorland, mountain, waterfalls and peat bogs!
The Photographers Ephemerishttp://www.photoephemeris.comThis amazing software is free to download to a desktop. A donation is optional, but when you see the work that has gone into this site, we think you will let the moths out of your wallet! This tool really takes the hassle out of planning a shoot
Stuck in Customshttp://www.stuckincustoms.comThis is the absolute Bible when it comes to HDR and Travel photography. Take a look I'm sure you will agree; Trey is a great teacher too, what he doesn't know isn't worth knowing!
PixSiylated Arena is a Master Craftsman when it comes to using Speedlites. If you need flash for anything then Syl's blogging site contains an amazing plethora of instructional advice from new starters to Pro's. His book "Speedliting" is a superb resource.
Bryan F. Peterson it comes to enthusiasm and experience, Bryan Peterson has proved his worth. Bryan is an exponent of all aspects of photography: flash, landscapes, abstract, you name it and Bryan has made a video. Bryans "You Keep Shooting" series on Adorama TV is a complete instructional series of videos' for absolute beginners to Pros'. Brian has also produced many books inc. Exposure and Flash photography.
B&H Event Space it comes to photographic resources I have to say the B&H Event space covers every facet of photography you could possibly need. These are long seminar videos' most in excess of 1-hour. They are very informative and B&H have invited the best photographers to deliver at these inspiring seminars - Don't miss this one!
MOZhttp://www.moz.comIf you are looking for some great SEO tools, look no further than MOZ. They offer a great Pro Account and also some great free tools for analysing and marketing your website.
DOFmasterhttp://www.dofmaster.comIf you require any DOF or Hyperfocal Distance tools, then this is the king of all sites! You can download mobile apps get access to web based calculation aids, you can even download a printable file to create your very own DOF/Hyperfocal distance pocket calculator. Plus there is a wealth of educational aids too.
Mike Browne has got a vast array of superb free training video tutorials which are an invaluable source for new starters and intermediate photographers. He has a great gift of explaining difficult concepts in an easily understandable form.
The Ansel Adams Gallery is the family owned gallery
More Ansel Adams resource for Ansel Adams enthusiasts
Mabvith for something, retro, unusual, quirky? Check out Mabviths amazing photographs. Everything from traction engines to landscapes and all superbly crafted - informative and amazing!
Tim Cooper Cooper is a clasically trained photographer and regularly delivers inspiring content at B&H. Tim has an amazing grasp of really natural looking HDR landscape knowledge base. You really should check out his seminar on natural HDR landscapes at B&H, prepare to be enlightened!